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About Snéha

Snéha Khilay is the Founder and Managing Director of Blue Tulip Training. Her area of specialism  is  diversity and leadership – consultant/ trainer working in the UK and internationally. Snéha specialises in supporting organisations in meeting their statutory Equality and Diversity requirements and raising awareness of equality legislation and good practice.

Snéha carries out consultancy and training on Diversity and Inclusion, Managing Diversity and the Law, Equality Impact Assessment and Monitoring, Bullying and Harassment, Cultural Competency/Cultural Diversity, Dignity at Work, Grievance and Disciplinary, Mediation and Conflict Resolution, Leadership and Coaching.  Clients include public sector providers (Local Authorities, NHS), Universities, Housing Associations, Manufacturing, Engineering and Banking sectors, Law Firms, a leading Football Club and Major Charities.

Snéha lives in Hertfordshire and is a connoisseur of all the coffee shops in Watford and St Albans. She is currently learning to play the saxophone; no easy feat and hopes to play to a live audience one day



1. Jocelyn Dawson-Wood - February 19, 2014

Hi Sneha, I enjoyed reading the articles on your website. It is refreshing and enlightening to read about your experiences and how you gently approach some of the common but unspoken issues and dilemmas around diversity (and management), in a very sensitive and ‘real’ way. Thank you.

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